Tom De Meester Barrister and Lawyer in Antwerp Criminal law, Fashion and Distribution

Tom De Meester

Criminal law
Leslie Roelants Barrister in Antwerp Belgium : Family, Traffic and Lease

Leslie Roelants

Traffic law
Marc Buyens Barrister and Lawyer in  Antwerp worl and social security law

Marc Buyens

paralegal-administratief assistente

Marilyn Denis paralegal administratief assistente

Personalized, correct and honest

Whatever your problem  may be, we are committed to serving you from start to finish.

We listen carefully to your full story and thoroughly examine how we can best help you. From our experience and within our expertise, we always look for the best solution, whatever the problem or conflict. In addition, we also ensure that you remain well informed and can take the next step with confidence during the course of negociations or law suit.

We learned our profession from each other.

Liberant lawyers originated from a collaboration since 1999 of a number of lawyers of different generations, who have learned the profession of lawyer from each other. In 1999 Tom De Meester and Marc Buyens joined François Lebacq to pool their knowledge and strengths and became partners. A few years later, Leslie Roelants joined the association after her internship. In 2018, Liberant took a new step with the creation of a company, BV Liberant advocaten, and moved to a beautifully renovated building in the heart of Antwerp, where you are most welcome.