Marc Buyens Barrister and Lawyer in  Antwerp worl and social security law

Lawyer and barrister Director and partner of CVBA Liberant advocaten His preferred subject matter is work

Marc Buyens obtained his law degree with distinction in 1987, followed by a degree with distinction in notarial practice in 1988.

Since his registration at the Antwerp bar he has specialized in all aspects of social law, always without losing sight of the bigger picture.

The complexity of our society makes it necessary to obtain correct information and to prepare thoroughly, even when everything does not go as planned. Marc Buyens wants to offer you guidance, assistance and defense in all areas of employment law and social security law, based on his professional knowledge.

Partly because of his training in the notarial profession, you can also contact him for drawing up your daily and professional contracts, as well as for problems relating to family law and family property law. Years of experience within the insurance sector also ensured a thorough knowledge of liability law