Tom De Meester, specialist in criminal law

Since 1995, Tom De Meester has built up a wealth of experience and thorough expertise in all aspects of criminal law. His penchant for criminal law stems from his human involvement and aversion to injustice.

He was Chairman of the Department of Criminal Law of the Antwerp Bar of Solicitors from 2016 till 2020 and responsible for the  bar in relation to  assistance of suspects by solicitors in police interrogations. In addition, he also teaches as a lecturer in criminal procedural law at the  school for trainees-solicitors.

As holder of the certificate of special training in supreme court proceedings in criminal matters, he can also defend you before the Supreme Court of Belgium. He is also a member of the Committee on Criminal Law of the Order of the Flemish Bars and the Council of the League for Human Rights. He completed an additional course in criminology . He was a research assistant at the Ghent University department of Criminal Law and opening speaker of the Conference of Lawyers in Antwerp on the subject of advice and assistane during police interrogations.

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