Our strength is listening, unburdening and assisting. To be a victim of a crime is in itself a true agony. Numerous questions and practical problems arise.

That is why we assist you in an honest, discreet and personal way to assert your rights. Entrust us with your legal questions and your practical, personal and financial concerns. From the start of the criminal investigation to the delivery of the verdict, and afterwards, you can count on our professional support and full commitment.

We explain in an understandable manner every step of the way, we advise you and take the necessary actions to defend your rights and your interests.

This ranges from contacts with victim support services, help from psychologists and doctors, looking for temporary shelter, receiving advances on compensation to submitting a request for financial assistance to the Victims Fund (Commissie voor slachtoffers van gewelddaden). We examine your insurance policy and determine whether you are entitled to free legal assistance and cover for your damage.

Are you a victim of violence, injuries, sexual abuse, sexual offenses or rape, harassment or stalking, fraud, theft, internet fraud, or cyber crime? Let us help you.

Tom De Meester, specialist in criminal law

Since 1995, Tom De Meester has built up a wealth of experience and thorough expertise in all aspects of criminal law. His penchant for criminal law stems from his human involvement and aversion to injustice.

He is Chairman of the Department of Criminal Law of the Antwerp Bar of lawyers and responsible for legal assistance  during police interrogations  . In addition, he also teaches as a lecturer in criminal procedural law at the school for trainees.  

As holder of the certificate of special training in  proceedings before the Supreme Court of Belgium  in criminal matters, he can also defend you before the Supreme Court. He is also a member of the Committee on Criminal Law of  the Order of the Flemish Bar associations  and the Council of the League for Human Rights. He fcompleted an additional course in criminology and was a research assistant at the Ghent University department of Criminal Law and opening speaker of the Conference of Lawyers in Antwerp.

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